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Kirill Mihalenko

Born in the Gomel region of Rechitsa, currently living in Gomel. He is a modern Belarusian artist, a bright representative of artistic trends: postmodernism, abstractionism, avant-garde, decorative painting. Actively works with Belarusian designers. Quickly and confidently gaining popularity in the international arena of contemporary art.


Gomel State Art College (Painting).


  • Personal - "Symbiosis" 10-20 January 2017. Belarus - "Symbiosis", January 10-20, 2017. Gomel. "Gomel Regional Social and Cultural Center (UCC)"
  • "House of Paintings" is the largest private art gallery in Belarus. Minsk "I am Monet Ya Shishkin Ya Malevich" 1 - 26 February 2017
  • Personal exhibition-sale - "First" - loft bar, former wine cellar of Paskevich in the historical center of Gomel 2017
  • Oblast exhibition - Gomel regional organization "Belarusian Union of Artists" "Spring Gomel" Palace of Culture of Railwaymen of Gomel 2017
  • Personal - "NOW" July 5 - August 5, 2017 . Belarus Belarus - July 5 - August 5, 2017 . Vitebsk Art Center "Vzap" ul. October 2
  • Personal - "Music for the Eyes" 7-23 October 2017 . Belarus, Vitebsk, Tolstoy Street, 7, ART-space, Contemporary Art Center
  • Joint exhibition - PRODVISION 2018, G.H. Vashchenko Art Gallery, Moscow Gomel
  • A special project of the ArtHaos Salon Art Gallery aimed at raising funds for charitable needs.18 May 2019.


  • Capsule collection of bags, and backpacks. Together with designer GEST
  • Limitrated, joint collection of women's clothing, from the Belarusian designer Ekaterina Volkova under the name "Bionica" For the basis were taken pictures "Mergence" and "Faith, Hope, Love". The drawing is hand-painted by the artist.

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Kirill Mihalenko

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Kirill Mihalenko

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