Maria Kosheleva

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Maria Kosheleva


2009-2014 - Minsk State Art College named after A.K. Glebov.

2014 - 2017 - Academy of Arts in Gdansk, specialty "Graphics".

2017 - 2019 - Master's degree in Gdansk Academy of Arts, specialty "Graphics". 

Since 2018 - Master's degree in Graphics. Member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London).

Her works are kept at the National Art Museum in Wroclaw (Poland), the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan, Russia), the Polish Library of Sciences in Gdansk, and private collections in Belarus, Poland and Russia.  


2019 Winner of the First Republican Competition "Triennial of Young Artists" in the nomination "Graphics", Minsk (Belarus);

2018 Winner of the Student Graphics of the Year competition, Gdansk, Poland;

2018 Laureate of the BelBrand art prize in the nomination "Young talents of Belarus", Minsk (Belarus);

2017 Mayor Malbork Award for the best ex-libris dedicated to the 730th anniversary of the city of Malbork at the XXVI Biennale of the modern ex-libris, Malbork (Poland).

Personal exhibitions:

2017 Transparencja, Dom Zarazy, Gdansk, Poland;

2016 "Maria Koshaleva", exhibition space of Towarzyska Klubokavarnya, Warsaw (Poland);

Exhibitions (favorites):

"Triennial of Young Artists" - Republican Art Gallery (Palace of Arts), Minsk (Belarus);

"Lino-Lity" - Sopoteka Exhibition Space, Sopot (Poland);

"Nie pokażę bo się wstydzę" - Gallery Zbrojownia Sztuki, Gdansk, Poland;

"Belarus Art - Living and Dreaming, 5th Base Gallery, London, England;

"Rozbroić zamiast zbroić", Gallery of the Graphics Department of the Academy of Arts in Gdansk, Gdansk (Poland);

Exhibition on the results of the competition "9th International competition on ex-libris and small graphic form "Baltic Sea Beasts", Library of Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdansk (Poland);

"Autumn Salon, Republican Art Gallery (Palace of Arts), Minsk (Belarus);

Republican Youth Exhibition "Open Youth". Republican Art Gallery (Palace of Arts), Minsk (Belarus);

"Prekariusze sztuki. Brama Wyżynna, Gdansk (Poland);

"24H1, WL4 Gallery, Gdansk, Poland;

Exhibition project "City / Urbs", Gumpoldskirchen (Austria);

"Emotions", Dom Angielski, Gdansk (Poland);

Symposium of digital graphics "Revolution or Evolution". Student Digital Graphics Exhibition, Na Poziomie Gallery, Gdansk, Poland.

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