Alesia Issa

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Alesia Issa

Artist painter, painter, graphic artist

Master of Arts

Member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London),

Member of the Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property BelBrand

Born 22.01.1993 Minsk, Belarus

Graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts with a degree in painting (easel painting) and a master's degree in art history.


In 2017 - took first place in the exhibition-competition of the Embassy of Ecuador

Pictures are in private and public collections in London, Singapore, Moscow, Minsk, Barcelona, Bern, Krasnodar, Ecuador, etc.


2014 - exhibition in BSTU (Belarusian State Theological University) (Minsk, Belarus)

2016 - exhibition in Loshitsa Park Museum (Minsk, Belarus)

2017 exhibition BelBrand Loft Café Association (Minsk, Belarus)

2017- "Exhibition-Ya Monet and Shishkin and Malevich" at the "House of Paintings" gallery (Minsk, Belarus)

2017 BelBrand Salon (Minsk, Belarus)

2017 exhibition BelBrand Loft Café Association (Minsk, Belarus)

2018 - Personal exhibition "Coffee Faces" Guru Coffee Club (Minsk, Belarus)

2018 Charity exhibition BelBrand "Branch", House of Peoples' Friendship (Minsk, Belarus)

2018 exhibition at the Mir Castle (Mir, Belarus)

2018 exhibition "I am Monet, I am Shishkin, I am Malevich", contemporary art gallery (Minsk, Belarus)

2018 exhibition at the Belarusian State Union of Designers (Minsk, Belarus)

2018-Art Residence (Hemmel Hampstead, UK)

2018 - Live & Dream, 5 based gallery (London, Great Britain)

2018 - "Autumn Salon" exhibition, Palace of Arts (Minsk)

2019 - Exhibition of Young Artists at Rossotrudnichestvo London

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