Dmitry Kuzmich

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Dmitry Kuzmich

The world around us is filled with amazing shapes and colors, which the average human eye does not pay attention to, for one reason or another. In my work I want to express my personal view on this world, to tell about it in the language of painting and drawing.

In my life I try to be sincere and honest, which I try to fully reflect in my works, conveying the inner state, which is born at the time of creation of the work. With my works I want to establish a dialogue with the interested audience, which is one of the main tasks in my work.

Experiencing inner peace and joy from the creative process, I always want to find the same response in other hearts and share those experiences that are reflected in the concrete work. An artist, as a poet or composer, tries to convey to the viewer a story of his or her experiences, only in his or her own unique language.

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