Vladimir Sayko

List of arts

Vladimir Sayko

Art education

I.O. Akhremchik Republican College of Arts (easel painting, 2007-2010, Minsk, Belarus).

Moscow State Academic Art Institute. V.I. Surikov (easel painting, 2010-2011, Moscow, Russia).

Belarusian State Academy of Arts (easel painting, 2011-2017, Minsk, Belarus).


2009, collection of poetry "Heirs", compiled by V.F. Girut-Rusakevich, Publishing House "Four-quarter", Minsk, number ISBN 9789856856542.

2009, "Rebellion" poetry collection, D.A. Izyumsky, "Four Quarters" Publishing House, Minsk, number ISBN 9789856856580.

2009, Master-classes "Union State - to young talents of the 21st century", Compiled by V.Yu. Ignatenko, EE "Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts" were printed, and the printing house of RUE "Minsktipproekt", Minsk.

2012, the collection of poetry "Izbirannik", poet Dmitry Izyumsky, artist Vladimir Sayko, publishing house "Belprint", Minsk, number ISBN 978-985-459-242-8.

2016, Album "Hand of the Master. Creativity of Minshchina Artists", publishing house "Zvezda",

Minsk, ISBN 978-985-575-116-9.

Personal exhibitions

2008, "Expressive Senses", Minsk, Belarus

2009, "Feeling in the heart - life on the canvas", Minsk, Belarus.

2009, "Sons", Minsk, Belarus.

2011, "20 Moments of Spring Volozhin, Belarus.

2013, "Awakening", Minsk, Belarus.

2013, "Olympics" Minsk, Belarus

2014, "Northern Tale", Minsk, Belarus.

2014, "Native Roads" of Uzda, Belarus.

2016, "Exhibition of one painting about the First World War", Minsk. National Historical Museum, Belarus.

2016, "A Quarter of the Creative Way", Presidential Library, Minsk, Belarus.

2018, "Saiko, friends, pupils", Borisov, Belarus.

2018, "Spring of Love, Spring of Hope", Minsk, Belarus.

On July 3, 2018, under the support of the Volozhin District Executive Committee, the Department of Ideology, Culture and Youth Affairs of the Volozhin District Executive Committee, with the support of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus, with the petition of the Union of Artists of the Moscow Region in the city of Volozhin on the central square was inaugurated the city gallery of works by the painter Vladimir Saiko, a native of the city.

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