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Elena Grechikho

When, after school, I entered the Painting Department of the College of Culture and Arts, I could hardly imagine that I would paint icons. I must admit, it seemed that the work of an artist was bright, creative, and icon painting was quite boring. But I am from a family of believers, we often visited the church, even in Soviet times, my mother accompanied her grandmother to the temple. My father always said that I could be a good iconographer. And I received a blessing on this case from the rector of the church of St. Elena in the town of Kirovskaya, Vitebsk region - Valery Shchuki.

The temple was built, and I often visited it. Father knew that I was studying for an artist, and one day, after the third year, he led me to a choir (church choir) and said: "Meet our iconographer. And he blessed me to enroll in a spiritual school. I was only 19 years old, but it became one of the most important events in my life.

In parallel with college I studied at the icon-painting department, and then in absentia graduated from the graphic arts faculty of VSU named after P. Masherov. Although the secular institute of higher education did not welcome icon painting as a diploma project, I dared to choose a large temple icon of St. Helen in my life. I received a "ten" and gave the icon to the church.

I painted icons for the iconostasis for the church in Smolensk region, many temples in Vitebsk. In 2010, I was responsible for the renewal of the paintings at the Holy Protection Cathedral in Vitebsk.

For the last 4 years I have been teaching iconography and head of the iconography department of the Vitebsk Women's Theological School.

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